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Google Drive offers 5GB free online storage


googledriveGoogle Drive is the latest product from the internet giant – a cloud service which lets you store files and documents to access from any connected device.

The online service went live today and offers up to 5GB of storage for free with larger storage options available for a monthly fee.

Users can save videos, pictures, documents and PDFs and easily collaborate with others on the same spreadsheets and presentations rather than trying to email large files to each other.

You can install Drive on your Mac or PC and download the Drive app on your Android smartphone. An app for the iPhone and iPad is coming soon.

And having your documents on Google Drive makes them all searchable as well.

Google Drive can even recognise text contained within scanned documents using optical character recognition (OCR) technology.

The 5GB storage option for Google Drive is free with 25GB of storage available for $2.49 a month, 100GB for $4.99 a month and 1TB for $49.99 per month.

If users expand to a paid Google Drive account their Gmail account storage will also expand to 25GB.

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