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eBay Collections personalises the way you shop online


ebaylogoeBay has introduced a new way to buy, sell and browse items on the popular online shopping site with a new feature called eBay Collections.

eBay Collections makes it possible to group items together to create a virtual store based on whatever takes your interest.

These visual collections can group together whatever takes your interest whether it’s travel, jewellery, fashion, technology, hobbies, home décor and even your favourite colour.

 Apart from putting together your own collections, members are also able to follow other collections to create an all-new shopping experience.

eBay Collections can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email.

Now instead of going out to search for products you may be interested in, they can come to you when you follow various collections.

These handpicked products create a more visual shopping experience for buyers.

eBay Collections offers a more personalised shopping experience

But sellers can also take advantage of these new features including re-vamped stores as well create personalised profiles that allow customers to follow them to discover new products.

There is also a dedicated collections homepage so eBay shopper can discover and follow new collections from individual sellers and even retailers.

“Collections is the biggest change we have ever made to the shopping experience here in Australia.,” says Jo Hicks, eBay Australia Head of Strategy and Customer Programs.

“We are listening and responding to the needs and wants of the evolving consumer who is demanding an experience that is both fun and functional.

”At eBay we are focused on turbo charging our retail partners’ online presence.

“The introduction of Collections, coupled with the ability to follow people and stores helps sellers to create new connections with buyers.

eBay Collections groups together products of interest

“They can therefore build a profile and a following to expand their relevancy, boost loyalty and grow their business.”

Retailers are also embracing eBay Collections including Dick Smith and General Pants.

“We’re really excited about eBay Collections; it’s allowing us to connect with our shoppers in a whole new way,” Tasman Page, Digital Marketing and Insights Manager for Dick Smith.

“A normal catalogue might take months to create and plan, but an eBay Collection can be made in a few minutes online, meaning we can really respond to the latest trends and what’s popular right now.”

General Pants Design Director, Pip Edwards, said: “Normally when you create a mood board online you’re grabbing images from different places and you have no idea how to actually find and buy the pieces once you’ve finished.

“But with eBay Collections, the products you pick are actually shoppable so it’s all accessible, making that wish list 100 per cent possible.”

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