Modern technology gives us many things.

8 Useful Free Online Tools for Entrepreneurs


There is no shortage of useful online tools for entrepreneurs but many of them can be quite costly. Luckily, there is also a wide range of free tools that could make your life much easier while starting your business.

Here are eight useful free online tools that every entrepreneur should consider using:

Wix Logo Maker

Whatever business you are starting, you will most likely need a logo. Paying a professional graphic designer to create a logo for you can be very expensive and creating one yourself might seem daunting and implausible.

Luckily, you can use the Wix Logo Maker to create a unique and professional logo from scratch. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your brand and Wix will present you with a selection of personalised logos to browse through. You can choose a logo that you like and then customize it to fit your brand and your preferences.


Another free service that is incredibly useful for entrepreneurs is MailChimp. This software is perfect for anyone who wants to deliver automated emails to their customers or subscribers.

There are loads of customisation options to target your demographic in the way you want. Various statistical data will inform you on how your campaigns are performing and give you an insight into what can be improved. 


The professional of the social media world, LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for many different reasons. Using LinkedIn, you can connect with lots of different people within your industry. From these connections, you can learn from your peers, contact potential clients, or find job opportunities.

There are so many different things you can do via LinkedIn and basic membership is completely free. Setting up your profile and leaving it may be enough to attract attention and help get your business off the ground but there are loads of active ways you can grow your brand via LinkedIn as well.

Google Slides

If you love Microsoft’s PowerPoint software then Google Slides will be right up your alley. Virtually everything you can do on PowerPoint is possible with Slides. One of the best-selling points is the collaborative possibilities of this cloud-based software.

In addition to Slides, Google also offers Google Docs and Google Sheets, the equivalents to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. These are equally impressive and won’t cost you a penny. The fact that all of these are cloud-based means everything is saved instantly and retrievable should you close the window or encounter a problem. This means you don’t have to worry about losing your work and can have hundreds of documents without taking up space on your hard drive. 


If you’re managing a small or even large team, Trello is an excellent piece of software to do just that. With Trello you can assign jobs, communicate via comments and boards, and schedule work all in one place.

If you’re in need of a hub where all of your work-related tasks and employees/colleagues can conjugate, Trello is a great solution. The interface is easy on the eyes and very user-friendly. Trello cards are a fantastic solution to a sometimes busy and changing work-life and can make a world of difference for the professionals using it.


Entrepreneurs need to make and receive payments and there is no easier way than using an e-wallet. Of all the e-wallets online, PayPal is probably the most well-known and popular. Setting up an account is painless, quick, and easy and won’t cost you a thing.

You can instantly transfer payments in various different currencies and easily exchange these into your preferred currency all within the platform. PayPal is available on web browsers and in-app form and is extremely convenient.


Another household name, Skype can sometimes be overlooked given how long it has been around. Nevertheless, Skype remains an excellent free online tool for entrepreneurs.

From video calls to instant messaging, Skype is the perfect communication tool. You won’t need personal details or mobile numbers to use Skype, just an email address. This is one of the best messaging services and is considered a professional platform by many. The relatively recent addition of reactions allows you to effortlessly respond to messages without even typing a thing. 


If you have a product or service that you want to promote and sell, Fiverr is an excellent platform to consider. Everything from graphic design to copywriting can be found on Fiverr with a wide range of prices.

Whether you are just starting out and want to charge a basic rate or an expert in your field and charge premium prices, Fiverr caters for all professionals. You can list several different services and products as a seller straight after signing up. Eventually, this can increase after hitting a series of objectives based on selling, reviews, and response rate.