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PlayStation 3 exceeds 70 million sales worldwide


ps31thumbPlayStation 3 sales have crossed the 70 million mark worldwide less than six years after the Sony high definition gaming console first went on sale.

One of Sony’s latest products, the PlayStation Move controller, has also notched up more than 15 million sales since its introduction two years ago.

Since it was introduced in 2006, the PS3 has undergone a few makeovers with latest introduced a couple of months ago and half the size of the original.

It has also seen its hard drive capacity increase over the years and it ability to play 3D Blu-rays with one of many software updates over the years.

The original PlayStation 3 released in 2006

The second generation PlayStation 3 released in 2009

The third generation PlayStation 3 released in September 2012

The PlayStation platform has also had tremendous support from third party developers as well as a number of exclusive titles including Uncharted, Ratchett and Clank, Resistance, Little Big Planet and Infamous.

Along with the introduction of the PS3 was the PlayStation Network for online play and game downloads in 59 regions around the world.

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