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World’s first sensory underwear transfers touch from a smartphone app


fundawearDurex has created the world’s first sensory underwear that allows the sensation of touch to be transferred from a smartphone app.

Call Fundawear, they can be worn by men and women and provide a way to transfer touch when they are apart.

The touch input from one person’s smartphone using the app is sent via a signal across the internet in real time and the sensation is recreated through the mini sensors inside the other person’s garment.

It certainly gives new meaning to the phrase “reach out and touch somebody”.

“While social media and Skype allow us to see each other, Fundawear now adds the dimension of touch,” says sexologist and relationship expert Nikki Goldstein.

“Fundawear is a practical tool that can be used to keep intimacy alive between couples working unsociable hours, in long distance relationships or even just for fun in the same room.”

Fundawear is a prototype technology and not yet available for sale.

But Durex is offering two Australians the opportunity to become testers of Fundawear for themselves.

Anyone interested in trying it out should visit

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