Modern technology gives us many things.

Facebook takes on eBay with new Buy and Sell marketplace


If you’ve got something to sell now you’ve got another option other than eBay. Facebook is now taking on the popular online auction site to help users sell their unwanted items on the huge social media site.

Facebook users, take a look on the left side if the site and you will notice a new section called Buy and Sell.

Here Facebook members can list their items for sale free of charge and take advantage of finding a buyer from the the social network’s huge audience.

The listings are easy to create – it’s just like sharing a set of pictures plus a caption and, of course, the price.

For buyers, they are able to browse items that match their likes and groups they have joined with suggested categories at the top of the page to match their interests.


A drop down menu also offers easy access to all of the other categories.

There is a wide range of items for sale from small cheap products all the way up to cars and trucks.

And Facebook doesn’t just limit your sales to your friends. They will also be seen by people you don’t know who are within your area.


The Sydney areas can reach far and wide with items available in the next suburb and also in country NSW.

But how does this compare to eBay?



* Facebook listings are free.

* eBay charges a final value fee which is a percentage of the item’s selling price.


* Facebook has more than a billion active users around the world

* eBay has 157 million active users worldwide


* Facebook says it offers no responsibility for things bought and sold on its site. There is a statement of rights and responsibilities but it is set of guidelines for the Facebook site but it is not specifically for buying and selling.

* eBay has both buyer and seller protection and a way for users to take action if they are not satisfied with the item or if they are not paid.


* Facebook leaves it up to the parties to agree on a payment method which includes credit card.

* eBay offers a wide range of payments including PayPal – which it used to own.


* Facebook, at present, has no way of indicating the type of buyers or sellers on the site. Do they pay promptly or post their items in a timely manner?

* eBay’s feedback system is a strength of the site and it shows best buyers and sellers and honestly tells users the people to avoid based on their experiences.