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Lenovo reveals the world first foldable PC


Lenovo has given us a glimpse into the future by unveiling what it is calling the world’s first foldable PC  in the ThinkPad X1 family and a whole new way of looking at the laptop computer.
Lenovo has never been backward in coming forward with innovation in this preview of the folding PC is the latest example.

The device can be unfolded completely flat and act as a tablet but folded in half and you’ve got a laptop with the screen in the top half and a virtual keyboard in the bottom half.

And Lenovo says this is not a phone and not just a tablet or hybrid device but a fully-fledged laptop with a foldable display.

This new design solves the problem for the need of having both a large screen and a laptop computer all in one.

In fact, you would eliminate the need of buying a separate tablet and laptop –  this device is both of those products in one.

With a regular 13.3-inch laptop, users are stuck with that same size display and footprint.

Powered by Intel and running Windows, the new Lenovo design has a single OLED 2K display, made in cooperation with LG Display, that can neatly fold in half.

The flexibility of the device means it be held in your hands like a book, shifted to be used like a laptop as well as it use it full screen to enjoy content and even use it to write on the screen and take notes.

At the office the Lenovo device can also be docked in a multi-monitor system.

Lenovo has given no other information about the product or the specs apart from what was shown in their mock up images and video.

We expect the new foldable Lenovo laptop to be released in the second half of 2020.