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New platform will open up a network of private home chargers to EV drivers

While electric vehicle sales are slowly increasing but a shortage of chargers in some areas has become a barrier to entry for some drivers. But what about if you can use private chargers owned by current EV drivers?

That’s the model behind the platform being built by PowerPod that will become another section of the share economy.

We have Airbnb to rent out your house, Uber to get someone to give you a lift in their car. There’s even a service where you can hire out your backyard pool.

Soon there will be an app where you’ll be able to offer access to the EV charger in your driveway when you’re not using it.

And EV drivers will be able to use that same app to locate nearby available chargers and pay for the energy they use to charge their electric car.

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

PowerPod is building decentralized physical infrastructure network of community owned EV chargers.

This integration will be able record and store charging session data, handle transcations and provide rewards in the form of tokens.

One third of possible EV buyers cite the lack of infrastructure as they reason they haven’t pulled the trigger on their purchase.

But the network of private chargers is only going to grow and being able to see where they are and access them will give these reluctant EV converts added peace of mind.

For the owner, this system will allow them to earn some extra money to offset the cost of charging their own EV and their power bill.

PowerPod is also working on some hardware as well including its own EV charger, a smart charger adapter and a travel adapter that will allow drivers to charge their cars from a regular power socket.

These devices will be able to tap into the platform to handle charging session data and allow drivers to pay for the power they use.