Modern technology gives us many things.

Hitting the road in the Mercedes Benz GLS 400d with the latest tech at our fingertips


Mercedes Benz is no stranger when it comes to technology in their vehicles and the latest we got to check out was the GLS 400d SUV which was brimming with the latest bells and whistles.

Tech Guide had a chance to drive the Mercedes Benz GLS 400d into country NSW and we found the car not only spacious and powerful but also fully loaded with features that improves the driving experience while still keeping you connected to the outside world and to your favourite audio content.

The diesel-powered SUV has a digital widescreen display that extends from in front of the driver to the centre of the dashboard.

The steering wheel is also packed with several controls that literally puts the controls at the driver’s fingertips.

From here the driver can control cruise control, scroll the entertainment options and make and receive calls.

There are also small touchpads to scroll through the infotainent system and to even choose what controls the driver see in front of the wheel including the speedometer, the media that’s playing, RPM, car status and much more.

But the Mercedes Benz isn’t just about tech, it’s also about comfort and can easily fit up to seven people.

And when you’re not using the extra two seats, you’ve got a ton of space.

On our road trip we used the cargo space to fit in a telescope, a large drone, camera tripods, boxes full of products and backpacks and we still had room left over.

Drivers who like a higher ride will love the GLS 400d.

The car has 22-inch wheels so you do have an elevated ride. There’s even a step to help you get inside the vehicle.

The Driving Assistance package includes cruise control, lane assistance and auto steering which keeps you at the right speed and in your lane.

With Active Distance Assist DISCTRONIC, the car is aware of the traffic ahead of it and can adjust its speed, slow down and speed up again.

Also included is the multi-beam LED headlights that can actually adjust in real time depending on the oncoming traffic and your surroundings.

For example, of the car is on high-beam and a car is approaching, the port of the light beam that would illuminate the oncoming vehicle is aimed in another direction.

It also has cornering lights which can illuminate the turn aa you are making it.

And when parking, drivers are presented with a top-down 360-degree view of their vehicle in relation to the space or the curb so you can nail the perfect parking every time.

You can also keep track of your speed and other important information when the Head-Up Display which beams the information on the windscreen so they are in your eyeline when you’re driving. But if you are wearing certain types of polarised sunglasses you won’t be able to see it.

The vehicle has CarPlay and Android Auto which makes it easier to access your music, podcasts and audio books as well as your message and navigation.

But the GLS 400d has an excellent infotainment system as well which connect to your phone via Bluetooth and offers access to regular and digital radio.

The vehicle’s built in GPS was one of the highlights of the car.

Naturally, you get your turn by turn directions but when you come up to an intersection there’s a virtual representation to make sure you’re on the right track.

On the dashboard display, the intersection can be seen through the front facing camera and superimposed on the image is an arrow to indicate the path you should take complete with the street name as well. You’ll never get lost again.

The Mercedes Benz GLS 400d is priced at $158,700.


– Innovation Package

– MBUX Interior Assist

– MBUX Augmented Reality for navigation

– Night Package

– Radiator grille with louvre in high-gloss black

– AMG front apron in A-wing design with trim strip in high-gloss black

– AMG rear apron with diffuser-look insert in black and trim strip in high-gloss black

– Roof rails in matt black

– Window line trim strip and beltline trim strip in high-gloss black (P55)

– Exterior mirror housings painted in high-gloss black

– 22″ AMG multi-spoke light-alloy wheels painted in high-gloss black with a high-sheen finish