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AVG identifies the apps that are draining your smartphone


The list of apps that have the biggest impact on your smartphone’s battery life, storage and data allowance have been identified by online security company AVG.

AVG’s report on the use of Android apps in the US, UK and Australian during the first quarter of 2015 has just been released.

It details the trends in app usage and the titles that are the biggest drain on Android smartphones.

The top 10 apps that have the biggest overall drain on Android devices in terms of battery, storage and data use have been divided into two categories – those that are run at start-up and those run by the user.

Facebook has retained its top spot as the most sapping Android app that’s constantly running in the background.

Spotify topped the list of apps started by the user that can hog your data with up to 3,333 songs able to be stored locally while the data heavy streaming music and video service can eat significantly into your monthly allowance.

Run at start-up

1 Facebook


3 8 Ball Pool

4 Instagram

5 Messenger

6 WeChat

7 Facebook Pages Manager

8 ooVoo Video Call Text & Voice

9 Kakao Talk: Free Calls & Text

10 Vine

Run by the user

1 Spotify Music

2 Amazon Kindle

3 LINE: Free Calls & Messages

4 Samsung WatchON (Video)

5 Snapchat

6 Netflix

7 SoundCloud – Music & Audio

8 CleanMaster (Speed Booster)

9 Tumblr

10 PicsArt Photo Studio

“Many of us take every day practical apps like weather and chat for granted and despite spending little time on them, the impact on our devices is actually quite significant,” said Tony Anscombe, Senior Security Evangelist, AVG Technologies.

“A number of unexpected apps such as these are consuming battery, storage, and data traffic without users’ knowledge – and, in many cases, for no good reason.

“So if you’re wondering why you’re not getting the best performance out of your device, this could well be why.”