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New Auto-Empty Station for OZMO DEEBOT T8+ AIVI robot vacuum makes it even more convenient


The DEEBOT OZMO T8+ AIVI, the newest member of the Ecovacs line-up, has set a new standard for robot vacuums and it has become even better and more convenient with the introduction of the Auto-Empty Station.

The OZMO T8+ AIVI was released earlier this year and introduced new technologies to make it even better at cleaning your home.

It can deliver millimetre-level obstacle detection and avoidance with the TrueDetect 3D technology.

Now it can see objects like socks and charging cables and small toys and not only navigate around these objects but also tell you about them through the companion app and then go back and clean up after the object has been removed.

Also onboard is TrueMapping laser-based mapping and navigation technology so it can come up with a hyper accurate floor plan of your home four times more accurately than earlier models.

TrueMapping creates an efficient cleaning path in your home to prevent missed or repeated areas.

And not only is it a vacuum – it’s also a mop so it can clean both carpets and hard floors.

The OZMO Pro Oscillating Mopping System will also be available as a separate accessory for the first time.

The Auto-Empty Station, which can be purchased separately if you already own T8+ AIVI or as part of a new bundle, takes the vacuum to the next level.

It doubles as both a charging station and a way for the robot unit to transfer the dust from its interior dust bin through a vacuum channel and into a larger disposable bag at the top of the Auto-Empty Station.

This means you can leave the T8 and the T8+ AIVI to its own devices and do more cleaning uninterrupted.

So instead of emptying the bin every few days from the T8+ AIVI you can now leave it for up to 30 days of dust collection before you have to dispose of the larger bag which collects the dust emptied from the robot itself.

User will receive the notification to replace the Auto-Empty Station bag via a voice alert through the Ecovacs app.

“We made a bold commitment upon launching in Australia just three short years ago that we would change and grow the robot vacuum category by delivering an ever-evolving, best-in-class cleaning experience,” said Karen Powell, Head of Ecovacs Robotics for Australia and New Zealand.

“Over the last three years we have dedicated our efforts to promoting and educating Australians’ views about what they should expect in a robot vacuum in both performance and features.

“We have integrated it into their smart home, made it easy to control from their phone, driven industry-leading innovation in mapping and mopping and delivered even longer battery life.

“In turn, Australians have embraced Ecovacs over this time, and I’m delighted that we have been able to grow such that we are now the market leader in robot vacuums in Australia across a range of metrics.

“The DEEBOT OZMO T8 and our new accessories launched today continue this commitment to innovate and launch new products into the market that will live up to the expectation of delivering the best cleaning experience.”

The DEEBOT OZMO T8+, featuring the DEEBOT OZMO T8 and Auto Empty Station, is priced at $1,299 from The Good Guys.

The DEEBOT OZMO T8 is available now for $999 from &

The Ecovacs OZMO-Auto Empty Station for the T8 AIVI and T8, is available now for $399 from JB Hi-Fi & Godfreys.

The Ecovacs OZMO Pro Oscillating Mopping System for the T8 AIVI and T8, will be available in November from &