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Amazon study reveals the reading habits of Australians


The summer holidays are here and with the extra time on our hands we now have more time to read. But a survey reveals that two out of three Australians feel they don’t read enough.

Conducted by Galaxy Research on behalf of Amazon, the study showed that 72 per cent planned to read a book this Christmas period.

We also love to read on the go with 69 per cent saying they read away from home but for those who own a Kindle e-reader – that figure jumps up to 82 per cent.

And 43 per cent of e-book owners take their device with them on public transport with long flights and cruises the most popular places for people to read away from home.

In fact, owners of e-readers read more than people who read regular printed books.

But two out of three Australians feel like they don’t read enough and 51 per cent of Australians who do read feel they should read more.


But the extra time does help some readers with 44 per cent of Australians saying they find time to read on trips and on holidays.

At Christmas time, Australians become voracious readers with the survey revealing 72 per cent saying they will read at least one book these holidays.

And one in five people will actually read three or more books over this period.

Amazon’s Kindle e-reader will be a popular gift for children this Christmas with 93 per cent of parents saying they’d prefer their child read instead of watching TV, playing videos games and using social media.

And 70 per cent of people surveyed they are open to buying an e-reader as a Christmas present while 52 per cent said they would happily buy an e-reader for a family member.

Millenials have embraced e-reading technology and are out-reading their baby boomer parents with 53 per cent reading an e-book compared to 33 per cent of baby boomers.

One third of Kindle owners surveyed said they read 10 or more e-books a year compared to 20 per cent of people who read 10 or more paper books a year.

“Australians are passionate readers and travelers and this survey really highlights how much they love reading, especially over the Christmas/Summer season,” said Neil Lindsay, Vice President, Amazon.

“Kindle e-readers are the perfect gift for travelers because they are designed for reading in any light, even bright sunlight, the battery lasts weeks not hours, and you can carry your whole library with you.”