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How Smart Data and AI are Transforming the Video Streaming Experience


Video streaming apps have thousands of videos that are impossible to finish watching in a day. As you click on a video and finish watching it, another video suggestion pops up that is equally interesting as the one you just watched. But the challenge of video streaming companies is to ensure that viewers find the videos that they are looking for in their app.

How do you think the recommended videos come up on your screen without you telling them? It is the content recommendation algorithm and collaborative filtering algorithms that do the trick.

Importance of algorithm and AI for video streaming

The machine learning algorithms are based on recognizing what you usually search on the video streaming app. Showbox, for example, captures the personal experiences of viewers, both in mobile and computers and suggests videos accordingly. When this technology combines with artificial intelligence, it creates a customized recommendation engine. After following the Showbox download steps, users can start enjoying an uninterrupted viewing experience whenever and wherever they want.

Suppose, you only watch football videos in a specific video streaming app; the more videos you see, the more the app will suggest similar videos related to football. It will not recommend something as random as the technique to anesthetize a patient. The recommendations always follow your recent searches and your search history.

Again, artificial intelligence requires more data from multiple locations. It focuses on deep data to improve userexperience. This involves information about the subscribers of the video streaming website, their genders, their genre ratings, movies/videos they usually watch, movies/videos on their wishlist, viewing timings, and the video quality they prefer.

The innovators are already on the lookout to customize the viewing experience instead of forcing viewers to choose a video streaming package in which they can only view a limited number of channels.

Gathering smart data for a better user experience

Integrating smart data with social channels is believed to become successful in the video streaming industry. This will allow companies to understand their viewers better and know what they may want to watch. That is why video streaming companies are planning to link the video-on-demand accounts to the user’s social media account.

A reason why this step will be successful is that when you share a video or movie with your friend or vice-versa, the respective streaming company will know what the suggestion is. Their future recommendations will be based on what you and your friends view to create more opportunities for viewers to bond and interact around the content.

The data that these companies analyze according to your social connections will help identify the overlapping tastes among your friends. This will locate the searches from the user’s mobile phone for additional data. Another benefit of this technique is the seamless implementation of machine learning powered by AI to narrow down your search. Also, if the video streaming companies know the apps installed on your mobile, they will understand the type of videos you like watching.

Artificial intelligence technology is the future of video streaming experience. Together with the collated smart data and machine learning technique, it will improve video streaming to an extent where all you have to do is think of a video, and it will appear on your mobile in the video streaming app.