Modern technology gives us many things.

The restaurant that wants to help you take better pictures of your food


Are you one of those people who take pictures of their meal to shares it on social media? It’s a popular practice that is flooding Instagram, Facebook Twitter.

You’ll be pleased to know this growing trend has sparked a restaurant to create an experience for foodies to capture even better pictures of the culinary creations.

Catit – an exclusive restaurant in Tel Aviv where meals resemble works of art – has joined the Foodography project to offer patrons professional help to make their images even better.

This includes specially designed plates and workshops with professional food photographers.


One plate – the Limbo – has a slot to position your smartphone and a large curved back edge to provide a clear backdrop.

Another plate called the 360 has a smartphone holder and a rotating dish to allow for a 360-degree video of the dish.

And all of this will cost $190 per hour which customers are more than willing pay.


But on the other side of the coin there are restaurants in the US where food photography is banned.

Their reasoning is that photographs snapped with a smartphone in a dark room don’t do their food justice while other owners don’t to ruin the dining experience.

Some even go as far as offering diners a discount on their meals if they check their smartphones on at the door.