Commonwealth Bank to finally offer Apple Pay

Commonwealth Bank customers who use an iPhone – your Christmas wish has been granted. Australia’s largest bank will finally be offering Apple Pay to its customers – from January 2019.

CommBank will become only the second of the big four banks, after the ANZ, to include Apple Pay as a payment option with the CommBank credit and debit cards using their iPhone at the tap and go terminal.

Payment is then confirmed with a fingerprint or Face ID on the customer’s iPhone.

Angus Sullivan, Group Executive of Retail Banking Services, said: “We recently wrote to our customers asking them what the bank could do differently and we received lots of excellent suggestions.

“One of the things we heard repeatedly from our customers is that they want Apple Pay and we’re delighted to be making it available in January 2019,” he said.

“We are committed to making changes that benefit our customers and simplify our business. We will continue to look for more opportunities to innovate and listen, to ensure our customers get the best experience when they bank with us.

“Responding to customer demand for Apple Pay underscores our commitment to becoming a better, simpler bank.

“Launching Apple Pay, alongside our No.1 rated CommBank app, will ensure our customers have the very best mobile banking experience.”

So from next month, CommBank and Bankwest (owned by the CommBank) customers will be able access Apple Pay – a desire they’ve expressed passionately to the bank to use here at Tech Guide whenever we’ve written about Apple Pay and the latest bank to offer the service.

But it hasn’t been the smoothest path to this point.

Back in 2016, the CommBank, along with Westpac and National Australia Bank applied to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to confront Apple Pay as a consortium to protect their micro share of transactions made with credit and debit cards.

This application was rejected by the ACCC

Naturally Apple wanted a slice of those micro shares and CommBank, Westpac and National Australia Bank held their ground.

Until now. CommBank has bowed to overwhelming customer demand. And Westpac and NAB will reportedly follow suit in the coming months as well or be left behind.

Tech Guide has heard several reports from our readers and listeners who left their current banks to join up with ANZ who started offering Apple Pay back in April 2016.

For these customers it’s easier to switch banks than to switch phones.

Apple Pay will be available to CommBank and Bankwest customers from January 2019.

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