Australians on the list of winners for the 2021 iPhone Photography Awards

Apple has announced the winners of the 2021 iPhone Photography Awards with Australians figuring prominently in the awards which were divided over a number of categories – and all captured on an iPhone.

The Grand Prize winner and Photographer of the Year Award went to Hungarian photojournalist Istvan Kerekes for his image “Transylvanian Shepherds” which was shot on an iPhone 7.

Transylvanian Shepherds by Istvan Kerekes

First Place Photographer of the Year was awarded to Sharan Shetty of India for his image, Bonding (shot on iPhone X), which shows a man and his horse in an empty landscape offering comfort to each other.

Bonding by Sharan Shetty

The Second Place winner is Dan Liu of China and his untitled image (shot on iPhone 11 Pro Max) of an astronaut traversing a desolate Martian-like landscape

Third Place goes to Jeff Rayner of Los Angeles for his photo, Side-Walking on Air (shot on iPhone X) which shows a young girl aloft and weightless in a pool of light on the sidewalk.

The Australian award winners were:

Glenn Homann’s winning Abstract image

Glenn Homann from Ipswich, QLD – he won first place in the abstract category for his colourful architectural image. He also grabbed second place in the environment category for a striking photo of plastic cups. Glenn also received honourable mentions in the People, Portrait and Sunset categories. He shot his photos on the iPhone 11 Pro.

“I am delighted to have had a win in the Abstract category as well as a second place in the newly created Environment category,” Glenn said.

“These Awards have always inspired me as they serve as a reminder as to why I love photography, and why I love to shoot exclusively on my iPhone.

“There is a palpable spontaneity and energy evident in nearly every shot. Real people capturing the world around them, delighting in every moment of the day.

“I am constantly amazed at how many ways there are to look at the world and I try to use my iPhone to constantly surprise and delight. Not only others but most importantly, myself.”

Waterlily by Christian Horgan

Christian Horgan from Fremantle, WA won first place in the Nature category for the image of a Waterlily, titled “Pondering The Positives.” He also took out first place in the People category for his image titled “Black Summer Blue Montaigne. Christian’s photos were captured on iPhone X.

“My iPhone enables me to capture the moments that capture me. Since using my iPhone for photography, I’ve started looking at things in a different way,” Christian said.

“Intricate details stand out, patterns appear, light and shade create greater contrast and I’m more aware of what’s going on around me.

“I love how uncomplicated the iPhone is. To capture a great image, you don’t need to complicate things.”

Hair Raising by Theresa Lee

Theresa Lee from Sydney, NSW took out third place in the Animals category for her image of a dog, titled “Hair Raising.” She also received an honourable mention in the same category. Theresa’s photos were taken with the iPhone XR.

“I love shooting on my iPhone because it fits snugly in my bag or pocket and it’s so straightforward to use. It’s the portable camera I carry everywhere,” Theresa says.

“Learning to see and take opportunity is one of life’s greatest skills. Photography is teaching me this skill more and more.

“Most times when I see an image in life, it’s the immediacy of my iPhone that makes it into an image on camera.”

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