ECG now available for Apple Watch users – here’s how you can activate it

The ECG feature for Apple Watch, which allows users to record an electrocardiogram on their wrist, is now available for users thanks to the watchOS 7.4 update which has just been released.

Customers can download and install the update today by opening the Apple Watch app on their iPhone and clicking General > Software Update and they should find watchOS 7.4 waiting for them.

We’d also recommend users updating their iPhone first to the iOS 14.5 update which has also just been released. You can find instructions on how to do that here.

ECG works with Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5 and the most recent – Series 6.

Once watchOS 7.4 is installed, you then need to activate the ECG feature on the Health app on your iPhone.

ECG records your heartbeat when you place your finger on the digital crown on the side of Apple Watch.

The recording is then checked on the device for atrial fibrillation which is a form of irregular rhythm.

Irregular Heart Rhythm notifications are also part of the watchOS 7.4 update.

If you do receive this notification, the next step is to record an ECG with the Apple Watch.

The recorded sinus rhythm can be viewed in the Health app on your iPhone and it’s also possible to send a PDF of the recording to your doctor.

Apple does offer some points users should know about the ECG feature.

First, the ECG feature cannot detect a heart attack and Apple advises if you are feeling chest pains they should call emergency services.

Secondly, the feature cannot detect blood clots or a stroke and, thirdly, it can’t detect any other heart-related disorders.

The ECG feature for the Apple Watch was approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration earlier this year ahead of watchOS 7.4 update.

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