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How SmartThings can help you monitor, control and automate your home


The SmartThings platform has the potential to completely change our lifestyles by offering the ability to monitor, control and automate compatible connected products in Australian homes.

 And because SmartThings is compatible with smart devices from a range of popular manufacturers, the connected home suddenly becomes a reality.

SmartThings connects devices like sensors, speakers, cameras, lights, door locks and appliances to each other as well as to our TVs, smartphones and tablets.

Once the SmartThings hub is connected to your compatible modem, you can group these devices and create scenarios where they can work together.

Here are some examples of what you can do:

– Control and automate your lights. It’s possible to set up a scenario where lights turn off when you go to bed when you go out and turn on again when you wake up for when you come home.

– Lock and unlock your doors from anywhere with a compatible device and an internet connection. Whether your child has arrived home from school without the key or you want to have your delivery placed inside the front door SmartThings has got you covered.

– Be alerted on your compatible internet-connected device when there is unexpected movement near or inside your home. Users can not only receive notifications when movement is detected, they can also sound an alarm remotely to deter the intruders.

– It is also possible to activate a camera once movement is detected so users can remotely view what is happening at that moment at home.

– Receive notifications when doors, windows and cabinets are opened.

The advantage of the SmartThings platform is that it works with numerous devices from numerous manufacturers.

It is an open system and makes it possible to control and monitor your compatible devices from one app rather than having to dive in and out of apps created by different smart device companies.

SmartThings creates a single touch point for your smart home that is easy to use and easy to manage.

Samsung recently partnered with RACV to launch the SmartThings Starter Kit in Victoria which includes the SmartThings wi-fi hub along with a number of sensors which can detect movement, orientation and when the windows and doors are opened and closed.

The RACV Smart Home Starter Kit is now available across Australia from RACV for $299 + $13.50 postage & handling.

Customers in the Melbourne metro area (postcodes 3000-3210) can purchase the SmartThings Home Starter Kit and have it installed by an RACV expert for $378.

Australians can request a Smart Home Starter Kit at

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