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Samsung releases its new range of smart connected home appliances


Samsung has released its latest range of smart home appliances including the latest Family Hub refrigerator, the QuickDrive washing machine and the Powerstick Pro cordless stick vacuum cleaner.

Each of these new products is designed to help make life easier at home and save time on the everyday chores and cleaning.

And being connected products, customers can easily interact with each and receive notifications on their smartphone.

The QuickDrive washing machines and Powerstick Pro stick vacuum cleaners are available now while the Family Hub refrigerator will go on sale on June 30.


The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator is dominated by 21.5-inch LCD touchscreen which is both the product’s digital command centre and interactive bulletin board.

Family Hub already has a range of apps available with new partnerships bringing Nespresso, Uber and Ring apps to the fold as well.

They join Woolworths and Spotify in the app stable which can be controlled through the connected product’s screen.

With the Ring app, for example, you will be able to see who’s at the door from the Family Hub screen.


The fridge also has Voice Activated Control so you can add items to a shopping list, playing music and set cooking timers with a voice command.

Managing your food is now a lot easier with the ability to list expiration dates for your food, take note of dietary restrictions and find recipes.

Users can also look into the fridge from the shops thanks to the internal cameras which provide an snapshot of its contents.

Now you can check to see if there’s any milk from the shops before you buy some.

The Samsung Family Hub will be available in June and will be priced at $5499 and available from Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi Home, The Good Guys and Bing Lee.

Current Family Hub owners will be able to upgrade to the 3.0 software from June 30.


Samsung’s new QuickDrive washing machine can reduce cycle times by up to 50 per cent compared to previous washers.

But despite the faster wash, the QuickDrive doesn’t skimp on performance and cleaning quality.

This speed is made possible by the unique Q-Drum technology which allows the main drum and the back plate to rotate independently either in the same or opposite direction.


Unlike other washers that move clothes up and down repeatedly, the patented QuickDrive moves clothes top to bottom while the plate in the back of the drum provides a back and forth movement.

This dynamic action doubles the force but still washes quickly, powerfully and gently.

The Super Speed cycle can now reduce a lightly soiled 5kg wash to just 39 minutes.

QuickDrive is also smart and offers convenient features to make the washing process even easier.


Through the SmartThings app, users can access laundry recipes which can recommend the optimal wash cycle, a laundry planner which lets you manage the finishing time and the HomeCare Wizard which can alert you about potential problems and provide remote troubleshooting support.

Also on board is the AddWash door to give you the ability to add forgotten items or detergent to the wash cycle.

The Samsung QuickDrive washing machines will start at $1,999.


Samsung’s new Powerstick Pro ticks all the boxes with high suction power, flexible ergonomics and easy maintenance to help make cleaning even easier in your home.

The Powerstick Pro is powered by a 32.4V lithium-ion removable powerpack that runs for up to 40 minutes.

A second battery can also be used to double your cleaning time to up to 80 minutes.


The new ergonomic design has a Flex Handle that can fold up to 50 degrees to help you reach low areas like under coffee tables and lounges and reduce the strain on your wrist and back.

Also on board is a HEPA filtration system to ensure the collected dust stays in the barrel and doesn’t circulate in the room.

The Powerstick Pro also comes with additional tools like the Mini Motorised tool that’s ideal for picking up particles trapped in fabric and the Soft Action Brush for your hard floors.


The Combination Tool can also be used in a wide range of services including tabletops and window frames.

The Flexible Tool bends at an angle to clean heard-to-reach places.

The Samsung Powerstick Pro is priced at $699 or $799 with the Soft Action Brush and Flexible Tool.