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FitBit Zip digital health tracker will get you moving


fitbitIf you’re interested in getting in shape a small device called the FitBit Zip can monitor your activity, keep you motivated and help you reach your fitness goals.

The device is about the size of a 20 cent piece and can clip on to your belt or your clothing to measure steps, distance and even calories burned using its internal accelerometer.

It’s useful to track your movements and can encourage users to beat their previous readings. That can’t be a bad thing.

The FitBit Zip tracker itself is rain, splash and sweat proof and has a tiny screen which can allows users to scroll through the various screens with touch.

It’s so small you can wear it for the whole day and watch those steps and distance add up.

FitBit Zip is about the size of a 20-cent coin

Users register their details on the FitBit website like age, height and current weight and, using a tiny USB dongle, links the device to your computer.

Using this information helps the FitBit accurately determine the amount of steps, distance covered and the amount of calories burned.

The device can also sync with mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad with support for Android smartphones and tablets coming soon.

The FitBit site or the FitBit app lets users keep track of their progress and even graph their activity on a customisable dashboard.

You can carry the FitBit Zip anywhere and for the entire day

All of the data presented to the user is easy to understand and a useful way of tracking exactly how well their fitness program and exercise is working out.

The FitBit dashboard also tracks your weight and your workouts and can also be used to log the food you eat.

When logging food, FitBit Zip users can enter what they ate for breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and anything else they’ve consumed throughout the day.

Simply enter the food you ate and a drop down menu allows you to choose the meals closest to the description. You can even enter the amount of water you’ve consumed.

Users can sync their FitBit Zip with a PC or with an iPhone or iPad app and check their progress on the FitBit dashboard

By doing this the dashboard can work out the amount of calories you take in and then put that against the calories the FitBit Zip says you’ve burned.

So not only can the FitBit Zip and dashboard keep track of everything it will also educate and clearly illustrate the amount of calories, fat, salt, carbs, fibre and protein in the various types of food that you eat.

Another motivation for users to achieve their goals with the FitBit Zip is the ability to earn badges for daily, weekly and lifetime achievements.

Your mobile app can even send a notification when you get close to unlocking another badge.

It's easy to sync your FitBit Zip to your computer using a tiny USB dongle

And if you’re åcompetitive you may even want to take on your friends and even set up a leaderboard within the smartphone or tablet app to share progress, compare stats and encourage each other to improve.

The FitBit Zip is available now in five colours – blue, white, green, black and pink – and is priced at $69.95.

It is available from Harvey Norman and other selected retailers.

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