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Virgin Mobile’s new plans let users rollover their unused data each month


Virgin Mobile has announced a first for an Australian telco that allows customers to rollover any unused data on their post-paid plans each month so it doesn’t go to waste.

Data Rollover lets users take the leftover data that would have normally disappeared at the end of the month and add it to their next month’s data allowance.

Data is now a major component of smartphone plans and Virgin Mobile has responded to customers who have been asking for this feature for some time.

“Data Rollover will revolutionise how Australians view their telco’s data offering and will change the mobile industry for good,” said Virgin Mobile CEO David Scribner.

“People are hungry for data and it’s not fair that something they’ve paid for is snatched away after a month – they should get another chance to use it. I’m proud to say that we are the only telco rescuing people’s data.”

Less than one in five of Virgin Mobile customers use all of their data in any given month but, over a six-month period, 40 per cent of users would break their data limit at least once.

With Data Rollover these customers would have paid nothing or paid a lower excess charge.

Virgin Mobile conducted a broader study of mobile users and revealed some interesting facts.

* 94 per cent of Australians think having something you’ve paid for taken away is unfair.

* 95 per cent wish they could hold on to their data.

* 93 per cent say having the ability to rollover data would offer them value

* Nearly a quarter of customers are not satisfied with their current data plan.

* When asked what were the most important aspects of a mobile phone plan – value for money (99 per cent), flexibility with included data (94 per cent) and the amount of data in the plan (94 per cent).

Data Rollover will be available on all new Virgin Mobile post-paid plans from today.

Existing customers have the option of upgrading their existing plan for a Data Rollover plan.