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Foxtel introduces voice control to the iQ4 to browse and navigate TV shows and movies


Foxtel has brought voice control to the iQ4 and iQ3 so subscribers can search and browse and navigate their favourite shows simply by using your voice.

Voice control works through the latest Foxtel remote control which was introduced to include shortcuts to content like movies, TV shows and Netflix.

At the top of the remote is a button with a microphone symbol which will now give users a fast and easy to find something to watch.

To use voice control you press and hold the microphone button to activate the voice function and speak clearly into the remote.

The remote can listen for up to 15 seconds. It will only work with Foxtel programs and won’t work with third party apps like Netflix.

Foxtel has not only made its voice search handy – but it has also added a touch of fun to the way you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you want to find a particular movie, you can recite a line from the film.

For example, if you want to watch The Godfather – say “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse”, or “hasta la vista baby” if Terminator 2 is more your cup of tea.

You can also search for movies by genre or by stars or directors.

Just say “Nicole Kidman” or “horror movies” or “Steven Spielberg”.

For sports, you can search by sport, team or game.

You can say “South Sydney matches” or “what a catch” or “American Football” or “Sitcoms”.

And voice control will also work to control your Foxtel iQ4 set top box.

You can change the channel with your voice, change settings and find the right spot in what you’re watching.

You can say “Fox League” and the channel will change or “Captions On” to activate subtitles.

And while you’re watching you can also use your voice to play, pause or find the part of the show you want to watch.

You can say “Go back 10 minutes” if you missed something and watch it again.

If you don’t have a remote with Voice Control, you can simply log into your Foxtel account and order one for $29.