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How Optus pre-paid customers can get extra data and credit – for free


Optus is offering an interesting way for pre-paid customers to earn more monthly data along with extra credit on their plans – and all without it costing them a single extra cent.

Optus Xtra will provide up to an extra 1GB of data per month as well as $2 of extra credit on daily plans every 28 days.

And all they have to do to earn it is watch ads on the lock screen of their phones.

Powered by Postr – a New Zealand based start-up – Optus Xtra static ads on the locked screen with the user given the option to view a video version of the app or visit the brand’s website.

Customers are still able to unlock their device when they want even when an ad is displayed on the screen.

It’s also possible for the user to customise the ads they receive by choosing their interests from eight categories – beauty, employment, fashion, government, politics, health, money travel and technology.

This service will only work with Android smartphones after they download the Optus Xtra app from the Google Play Store.

They will earn the extra credit and extra data when a customer has been using the Optus Xtra app for 28 days on the eligible plans which include My Prepaid Ultimate, My Prepaid Ultra Plus and My Prepaid Ultra.

Customers on the My Prepaid Daily Plus and $2 Days 4G Ready plans can earn $2 extra credit every 28 days.

“Our prepaid customers have told us they want to boost their data, but are also budget conscious,” said Megan Forster, director of Product Innovation and Value Added Products at Optus.

“By giving customers the option to earn extra data through watching ads, Optus is enabling them to enjoy more of what they love, without spending an extra cent.

“Optus Xtra is our latest initiative to give prepaid customers maximum value from their mobile plan.

“Customers on eligible mobile plans also have the option to stream music on Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora and Spotify apps without using their plan’s data.”

The advertising is managed by the Singtel-owned digital marketing and technology company Amobee which allows advertisers to leave full screen ad creative executions.

Liam Walsh, Australia and New Zealand Managing Director for Amobee said: “Optus Xtra is a mobile advertising solution that puts mobile first and allows advertisers to reach audiences who have opted-in to see ads that are highly relevant to their interests and preferences.

“The Optus Xtra lock screen format lets brand advertisers target highly engaged audiences, where they are guaranteed a full screen creative canvas and 100 per cent viewability.”