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Move over Uber. Ola – one of the world’s largest ride sharing platforms – is on its way


You’ve heard of Uber – the popular ride-sharing service. Well get ready for Ola – it’s one of the world’s largest ride-sharing platforms and it’s coming to Australia and looking for new drivers.

Ola was founded in 2011 in India and has become the go-to transportation solution for more than 125 million users with the platform handling more than a billion rides annually.

The company is inviting vehicle owners in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to register as drivers by visiting

The Ola site promises freedom of work and daily payments for drivers with the promise of low commissions and higher earnings.

Ola’s approach to ride sharing focuses on the driver as a partner and invests in them to provide the necessary tools, skills and incentives to offer the best experience.

It is these same values the company hopes will make it a success in Australia when the platform launches in the coming weeks.


“We are very excited about launching Ola in Australia and see immense potential for the ride-sharing ecosystem which embraces new technology and innovation.” said Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola Co-Founder & CEO.

“With a strong focus on driver-partners and the community at large, we aim to create a high-quality and affordable travel experience for citizens and look forward to contributing to a healthy mobility ecosystem in Australia.”

Ola will offer its drivers a 24/7 support through a helpline.

And driver safety is paramount is why there is an SOS button built into the app.

The company will only charge 7.5 per cent commission as an introductory offer for drivers who join now.

The company will also run driver referral schemes from time to time as well.