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Tech21 Impact Shield screen protection now available


tech21impactshield2Tech21, creators of smartphones cases using impact-absorbing technology, has released screen protectors utilising the same materials used in bullet proof glass.

Available for the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4, the Tech21 Impact Shield has a multi-layer structure which is made with a protection polymer created by the world’s leading chemical company BASF.

This polymer is used in military-grade bullet proof glass, aircraft cockpits and is a major ingredient in impact absorption.

With the Tech21 Impact Shield on your smartphone, the risks of damage to your screen are greatly reduced by spreading and absorbing the impact.

And even though the screen is protected by the Tech21 Impact Shield, it won’t affect the screen’s responsiveness or the device’s performance.

The Tech21 Impact Shield screen protector is made from the same material as bukllet proof glass

The multi-layer system has a top layer to disperse impact, a middle layer made with BASF’s Bullet Shield also used in bullet proof glass and a final soft layer that absorbs the impact.

When put together the Impact Shield can absorb up to 80 per cent of the force applied to the glass on the screen and greatly reduce the chances of breakage.

The Impact Shield is easy to apply to your smartphone’s screen using One Touch adhesive which doesn’t actually use glue so you’re left with a bubble free application in seconds.

The Tech21 Impact Shield also has self-healing properties so any scratches close up almost instantly to retain optical clarity.

There is even non-yellowing UV protection on the BASF polymer layer to keep the material clean and clear.

The Tech21 Impact Shield is available now at Vodafone stores across Australia for the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 and is priced at $29.95.

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