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STM introduces new cases for Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 8


stms4thumbSTM has expanded its popular case range to include products for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 tablet.

STM’s range of Grip cases seen for the iPad and iPhone is now available for the Samsung Galaxy S4 to provide protection and also add a bit of colour.

Priced at $19.95 the STM Grip snap-on case for the Galaxy S4 is available in four colours – black, blue, red and lime.

And the Grip also lives up to its name and is textured with small ridges to ensure your device won’t slip out of your hand.


There is also a raised on either side of the screen so it is not in direct contact with table tops and desks when laying face down.

The STM Grip case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a textured finish to ensure it won't slip out of your hand

It is also added protection in the event of a fall to make sure the device won’t land directly on its screen.

STM’s Cape for the Galaxy Note 8 is priced at $39.95 and provides all-round protection for the new tablet device.

The STM Grip case for Samsung's Galaxy S4 has raised side edges to protect the screen

The device clicks into place inside a lined enclosure and has a cover that folds over the screen.


This cover not only shields the screen when not in use but also provides a stand to type or view content comfortably on the screen.

The STM Cape for the Galaxy Note 8 can provide protection and a viewing stand

There is also an opening to allow users easy access to the to S Pen stylus so you can still write on the screen while the Galaxy Note 8 is inside the STM case.

The STM Cape is available in two colours – black and grey.

The STM Cape case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet is available in black and grey

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