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eSIM activation now available for Telstra’s mobile virtual network operators


In an Australian first, Telstra has announced eSIM activation is now available for its MVNO (mobile virtual network operators) through Telstra Wholesale after successful trials to make it even easier for customers to activate their mobile service.

Providers like Boost Mobile, Belong and ALDI Mobile use the Telstra network and will be offering eSIM activation in the near future.

An eSIM is an embedded SIM that’s built into the latest smartphones like the latest iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S series.

Now activating an MVNO service using the Telstra network is as easy as downloading an eSIM profile using a unique QR code or app.

This means customers with dual SIM phones – one physical SIM and an eSIM – can have two mobile numbers in the same device.

The Telstra Wholesale eSIM solution is being launched following the successful trial with two Telstra MVNO customers. Tech Guide understands one of these was Belong.

The number of handsets to include eSIM as an option to activate a service is set to increase in the coming years with some pundits predicting physical SIM cards could be phased out all together in the near future.

“Telstra Wholesale is thrilled to offer this Australian first product for its customers,” says Telstra Wholesale Segment  and Sales Executive Glenn Osborne. “This eSIM activation capability for mobile handsets is a first for Wholesale mobile virtual network operators and will help to improve customer experience and facilitate an easier choice of providers in the Australian market.”

“eSIM can make activation of a mobile service very simple and much more immediate.

“Using a QR code to start the activation process, means that process can literally start wherever you can place a 2D image and a connection to the internet.

It could be on a bus, while reading a magazine, or wherever is most convenient for the customer.

“This means, by creating and being able to more specifically promote offers, Telstra Wholesale MVNOs can attract new customers more effectively in their target segments.”

Boost Mobile founder Peter Adderton has been a strong eSIM advocate and says it has the potential to revolutionise the MVNO market.

“I think that the future will be for us to be able to have a dynamic eSIM,” Adderton told Tech Guide last year.

Boost Mobile says eSIMs will make it easier for tourists to find a network when they are travelling.

“An American tourist will be able pull out the inflight magazine after landing in Australia, scan a barcode and they’re now our network.”