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Kensington’s new keyboard and mouse can be cleaned in the dishwasher


A keyboard and mouse that are both dishwasher safe? That exactly what you get with the latest addition to the Kensington computer accessories range of products.

Kensington’s new keyboard and mouse are both water resistant with an IP68 rating so it can not only handle spills and thorough cleaning but it’s also dishwasher proof.

New research from the University of San Diego shows work place offices often have a higher level of bacteria than a toilet seat.

Regular keyboards catch all kinds of debris between the keys including food crumbs and dust.

The Kensington IP68 Dishwasher Keyboard and IP68 Dishwasher Mouse are waterproof so they are sealed and there’s nowhere for any crumbs to sneak in.

And even if they do get dirty, you can literally wash them under the tap or add it to your next dishwasher cycle.

This means you can take control of the hygiene of your workspace whether it’s in the office or at home.

Brand Manager for Kensington, Clare Hose said: “The new range is the ideal choice for schools, government agencies, healthcare and food industries, where contaminated environments are a greater concern.

“The 100 per cent waterproof keyboard and mouse were designed to meet the growing demand for devices that support productivity and provide a high level of protection.

The dishwasher safe Kensington keyboard and mouse
The dishwasher safe Kensington keyboard and mouse

“With completely submersible encasing, the devices are extremely durable and can be easily washed and disinfected.

“The IP68 keyboard and mouse form part of a larger range of products tailored to industries and professionals where durability and hygiene place a greater importance.”

The Kensington IP68 keyboard is full size and incorporates a wired USB connection while the Kensington IP68 Mouse is also full submersible.

Priced at $149.95, the Kensington Dishwasher Keyboard is available now along with the Kensington Dishwasher Mouse which costs $59.95.