Modern technology gives us many things.

The Major Tech Players in the Online Bingo Industry


Online gambling is not a new with many games proving to be extremely popular with players including poker, slots, table and dice and bingo. In fact, it might surprise some that bingo is incredibly popular in the US as well as the UK and has been so for many years.

There was once an image that surrounded playing bingo of predominantly older women going to their local bingo hall for a few games with their family and friends to catch up on all the latest news and gossip.

Today, that image could not be further from reality mainly due to the massive technological advancements we have enjoyed over the last few decades.

Why Online Bingo is so Successful

 As we said earlier, the majority of people today are aware of online gambling and the industry as a whole is known for its capacity to embrace new technology in order to provide their players with an enriched gaming experience, which of course includes the online bingo. This has resulted in millions of players and numerous online bingo sites.

With all of this choice it can be difficult to choose where to play but if you click here you will find only the best bingo sites for the UK all gathered in one place making things a lot easier when looking for a new site to play at.  Once more, all the online bingo sites gathered there are safe, secure and offer the best possible bingo community available.

Who Produces the Online Bingo Software?

Even though there are hundreds of different online bingo sites in the vast majority of cases they do not actually create the games. Instead, specialist software developers who create the games on networks – it is usual for there to be a few sites on the same network whilst other bingo companies own multiple brands.

Technology is always changing and below are some of the best software companies who are responsible for your online game of bingo.


Dragonfish is one of the most well respected bingo software providers in the industry. They are the B2B (Business to Business) limb of the massive online company 888 proving their worth repeatedly. Gaining a significant reputation for great games which are fully immersive  Dragonfish also own a number of their own sites which they run off their network and have become some of the most popular bingo games online today.

Dragon fish are also known for making constant improvements to their technology on a monthly basis and have developed numerous versions of 75.80 and 90 ball bingo games as well as having their own, unique 52-5 bingo (which makes use of playing cards).


Another massive name in the online bingo software industry is Playtech, If you are not familiar with this name then perhaps Virtue Fusion will be more familiar which was an acquisition made by Play Tech back in 2010.

Virtue Fusion is still a name that many online bingo players regard as a ‘go-to’ reference, and many still refer to these online sites as VF sites.

PlayTech is behind a lot of the most popular brand names today and you will find that there is little variation across the platforms in the network other than the designs of the websites  which is fine as why change something that isn’t broken?  Of course themes will differ which is exactly what we are looking for but the games will predominantly stay the same.

Playtech knows a good thing when they see it and remain loved by their players as they continue to innovate and develop cutting edge products.