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Scammers to target online shoppers this Christmas – how you can protect yourself


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales around the corner and Christmas shopping also upon us, we need to beware of cyber criminals targeting online shoppers.

Scammers will see the increased number of people flooding to online marketplaces as an opportunity to go after Australian shoppers with credit card fraud and identity theft.

The 2020 NortonLifeLock Digital Transformation Report shows that 57 per cent of Australians are doing more online shopping than ever before with more than 40 per cent now using a digital wallet.

That means it’s game time for scammers.

Online shopping scams have already cost Australians more than 6.2 million dollars in 2020 alone according to Scamwatch.

Thanks to COVID, there are even more people venturing online to make their purchases and, according to the digital transformation report, 83 per cent of respondents believe cybercriminals have used the coronavirus to their advantage.

But the positive result from this is that two in three of those surveyed claim they are even more vigilant about their online security during lockdown.

So what can we do to combat the scammers?
NortonLifeLock cyber security expert Mark Gorrie has offered some important tips on how to protect yourself while shopping online during the Christmas period.

Ways consumers can protect themselves from e-commerce fraud include:

– Shopping at secure websites

– Doing research on the website before they place the order

– Reading the site’s policies on privacy and security

– Being mindful of cookies

– Never giving out your social security number

Another common scam making the rounds are fake websites that look like legitimate e-commerce websites, with credible-looking logos, pictures, and payment options.

Here are some tips for ensuring a site is honest:

– Ensure the URL code is legit

– If you see low prices, or discounts above 55 percent, it might be too good to be true

– Review the copyright date and domain creation date

– Do not make purchases on young websites.