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How To Get More Instagram Followers: Expert Guide


With the evolution of Instagram as a social media platform, it has become very important to know how one can increase their engagement. This is because more brands are coming in on this platform to market their services and products and if you do play it right, the ball is your court.

Getting more Instagram followers is not just a source of validation anymore, it’s about playing the right tactics to get more reach and fall in the limelight of the public. You can even find some of the best sites to buy instagram followers and get the desired amount of engagement. This encourages brands to approach you to promote their services or if you have a brand yourself, it helps you market that for free on your page. So if you’re interested in earning from this social media revolution brought about by influencer marketing, then keep reading and we’re sure you’ll learn.

  1. Focus on your profile
    This point cannot be emphasized more. The profile page is the landing page of your account, whenever anyone clicks on your handle. This is why it becomes the most important page to optimize your profile. Well, optimize, okay, but how? Well, for that you need to do a few things. First of all, keep a handle that is short, simple, and easy to remember. Also, this name should resonate with your personality to bring about the best results. If the names that you thought of are taken then look for better ones. Once you’ve found a profile name that resonates with your personality, write a bio that is going to tell the followers more about you. However do keep in mind, keep the bio concise as no one will be interested to read your autobiography the first thing they visit your profile. When you’re done with those two steps, the next thing is maintaining an aesthetic. Aesthetic or a theme makes your profile visually more attractive and hence makes the traffic feel in place. This helps you get more followers very quickly. Optimizing your profile is the best way you can increase your Instagram engagement pretty quickly
  2. Put out quality content
    Now that you have set your profile up, with all the steps we mentioned in the last tip, you have to start working on your content. A bare Instagram profile does not attract followers, so you might want to add good content to attract organic traffic. How can you do this? First of all, whatever you decide to post, post it in the maximum quality you can. Cell phones nowadays with cameras decent enough to look your photos professional, just a bit of editing and you’re good to go. Next, keep in mind whatever you’re posting is congruent with what you have posted in the past. This again creates and builds an aesthetic for your page, so you can stand tall in that vertical. Last but not the least, put up content regularly. We’re not asking you to spam every day, but every once in a while just put up content that you think you should and keep it consistent. Since people see your content before your landing page, it is a very important aspect of your profile.
  3. Maintain a content calendar and engage with your audience life
    This tip is an amalgamation of two tips. First, maintaining a content calendar, and next, engaging with your audience on Instagram live. Coming to the former topic, maintaining a content calendar is important because people like to see content being uploaded periodically. If you maintain a schedule then it will be easier for you to better understand the likes and dislikes of the audience and hence it will help you boost your followers in no time. Also, this helps you remember the content ideas that you get all of a sudden hence is a great tip to keep in mind. Coming to the next half, Instagram live is one of the greatest advantages you have as an influencer. If you have a decent following, then they would want to see you live and candid. If you’re able to maintain that on an Instagram live, then it’s going to attract more and more people to your account. Also, since Instagram puts engagement and audience participation as the most important aspect for growth, this tip is going to bring your account to the limelight without much effort.
  4. Buy Instagram engagement
    Buying Instagram followers is a powerful tool to get more followers. Well, this process is pretty simple at its core and hence works very effectively as well. However, it’s more psychological but here goes. Buying Instagram followers gives you a social proof to sit on when newer traffic comes in. Well, for example, if there are two similar accounts with similar content, which one would you follow? The one with the higher number of followers, right? Well, this happens because, unknowingly, you trust the greater number of people on one profile and think that it’s going to be a better page, even though you’re unfamiliar with the people following that account. This is why having social proof is such an advantage if you have never tried it, we highly recommend you buy Instagram followers and engagement from websites like get viral, social packages, follower packages, and much more.
  5. Using hashtags
    Using hashtags is one of the easiest ways to come into the limelight. This is because many social media platforms work based on simple keyword searches. This keyword in Instagram is the hashtag. If you use a hashtag, Instagram collects it under one subcategory and makes it public to the people searching for that hashtag. It’s the easiest way to get more views on your profile and the content that you put out. Once you have an audience that is strong enough, then you can even create hashtags on your own which when used organically, will get you more traffic on your profile. This tip is used by most of the Instagram influencers out there and hence is a must when it comes to growing the number of Instagram followers you have.

All the above-mentioned tips are quick and easy-to-follow hacks that can fetch you way more Instagram followers than you currently have and hence are a must-try when you’re trying to improve your Instagram engagement. If you have any plans to stay in this industry for long, then these tips are going to be your holy grail till the end. Consistent effort is what drives success, and it holds for social media success as well. We’re sure if you put these tips to practice, you’re going to find the heights that you’re looking for in this vertical and you will grow big as an Instagram influencer.