Modern technology gives us many things.

How to Buy US Tech Products in Australia


Tech products are a major part of our lives and are constantly changing the way we do things. It has impacted how we people enjoy their entertainment, conduct their work, and stay in touch with their loved ones near and far.

Considering how important tech is, the purchase decision becomes even more important, especially when you are far from the US. One of the options that most US citizens use to purchase these products is online stores that offer convenience, even to Australia with sites like MyUS. While online shopping can be helpful, it comes with its own challenges especially if you are new to the whole thing.

You may not know which products are available locally, their cost in the local currency, and how to get them to your location in the land down under, Australia. Whether it is for a special occasion like Thanksgiving dinner or just a gift to someone, you will need some guidance to find your way around online shopping in Australia. Here are some tips.

Find the product you want

Tech products come in all shapes, sizes, and uses. We use them for several different things that we need to understand before making a purchase decision. Some of the most favoured tech products out there that US people love include cell phones, televisions, fridges, and many others. To select the best one, a consumer needs to know what functionality they are looking for which can be found in the description section of the product. For example, on a smartphone, you would probably be looking for a camera, OLED screen, or aluminum hardware. After understanding the specifications of the tech product, you will need to find a store that can supply it. Some options available include Appliances Online, Myer, Good Guys, and Big Apple Buddy. You will need to compare prices across the different stores in order to get the best price option for the product you are looking for.

Read Reviews and Watch Tutorials

All tech products can be a little confusing when it comes down to using them. In order to better understand how to use them and how best they can be useful to you, it is a great idea to check out reviews and tutorials. Reviews will help you figure out whether this product has the features you need it for and give you an experiential perspective of the product you plan on purchasing. Some of these reviews rate the product which will help you know whether the product is worth your hard-earned cash.

Tutorials teach users how they can use or put together a particular product. It may include tutorials on installation for example for a smart TV. Tutorials are the instruction manual put into a video that helps consumers see what the manual would have put in words.

Purchase the Product

After all, the reviews are done and you have browsed through different online stores to compare prices, it is now time to make the purchase. All online stores have a purchasing process which usually includes putting the item in a cart, adding a shipping address, choosing a method of payment, and delivery option. Shipping terms differ in time and cost with some items qualifying for free shipping while others may have a low-flat rate that allows customers to pay a fixed shipping fee for products below a specific weight. It may also help to purchase in bulk to reduce the shipping cost.

If you want to take advantage of the online shopping experience, you may want to consider discount coupons and promo codes that give customers exclusive and limited offers that can reduce the price for an item during specific seasons. Sometimes, they pop up randomly so it is up to the customer to do their due diligence to figure out whether there are any before making their final purchase decision.


It is not unusual for US citizens living in Australia to miss tech products from the US. Despite the distance from the US borders, it is still possible to access these products through online stores. The most efficient process would be to find the product at these online stores, compare prices, read reviews and finally, purchase the product. US tech products are only a browser away in the land down under.