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How to become an expert in Salesforce


Salesforce is a CRM or Customer Relationship Management platform that offers so much more than just helping your company be more efficient in creating and managing both new and old clients. Salesforce is also a tool that can enhance productivity from within the organization.

You can build customized back-end systems for your team to work more efficiently as Salesforce is highly customizable to suit every type of business and their needs. As it’s such an extensive tool, it does present some challenges, not in its complexity but because there are so many facets to the SaaS platform which would be much more comprehensible if the user has prior knowledge or experience. There are great resources available such as this Salesforce App Builder study guide that can help you get prepared for your Salesforce certification. But here’s a few ways you can get cracking and really drill down on the best practices when it comes to Salesforce.

Get a general understanding of what Salesforce can achieve

To anyone who isn’t familiar with CRMs or SaaS platforms, Salesforce might seem like a foreign and intimidating entity. While it isn’t necessary for you to have a broad understanding of CRMs and SaaS platforms, it does stand to reason that you grasp the concept of what Salesforce has to offer, what the program can help clients achieve, and how.

Basically, it is a cloud-based database that allows you to organize your clients, orders, products, and even employees through one singular and highly-accessible platform. You can access the database from your mobile device halfway across the world if you wanted to, and this makes it an ideal platform for collaborative work.

Give yourself some time to digest the information

It might be tempting to indulge yourself in all the information that there is on Salesforce skills and all the available tools, but you need to give yourself time to digest and absorb the information, otherwise you will find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that there is. It’s best to tackle the breadth of information one stream at a time. Take your time to understand the most basic aspects of the CRM before expanding into developing the SaaS to better serve various types of businesses. This is also a good time for you to decide which area of Salesforce you want to specialize in, at least in the beginning, so you can truly master its features and offerings before turning to something else.

Utilize online resources and don’t be shy about seeking help

If people need help learning how to use something as basic as Microsoft Word, why should you be shy about looking for outside help on mastering such an extensive program as Salesforce? There are plenty of study guides on the internet, as mentioned above, which you can take advantage of. While there are free resources on Youtube or blogs, it’s usually better to seek out a paid option because not only will you have the option to get support and talk to someone who is responsible for your Salesforce education, they will also have a more comprehensible and linear course for you to better understand the program of Salesforce.