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Getting the Most Out of Netflix: A How-To Guide


In 2020, Netflix officially passed 200 million subscribers worldwide, making it the largest streaming service in the world. Chances are, either you or someone you know is subscribed to Netflix; the service is practically a household name.

Despite its popularity, however, many subscribers don’t know about a few of the features Netflix keeps tucked away. Today, let’s go over just a few of these features and how Netflix subscribers can take advantage of them to streamline their viewing experience.

Netflix Features to Take Advantage of

1. Its Expansive Catalog

Netflix’s expansive catalog is the reason why the service has maintained its #1 position in the past decade. And with Netflix offering more and more original content, there’s not much of a reason to ever unsubscribe. But what if there was a way to access even more content on Netflix—more content than the hundreds of shows and movies you already have access to?

Surprise! There is. See, Netflix’s catalog varies from country to country, and depending on where you live, you may or may not have access to certain content. There are two ways to access hidden content: travel to a country that has the show you want to watch or use a Netflix VPN.

A VPN—also known as a Virtual Private Network—tricks Netflix into believing you’re located in a different country (you can choose which country). This gives you access to what amounts to the entire world’s Netflix catalog. And all it takes is a few extra dollars a month!

2. The Secret Codes

Netflix does a good job organizing its large catalog, breaking it down into genres, subgenres, and overarching categories. But if you ever wanted to find something more niche—a genre that isn’t heavily watched, for example—you’ll be spending a few minutes scrolling through page after page of irrelevant content. To avoid this situation, you can use Netflix’s official subcategory codes.

These aren’t exactly “secret,” but they aren’t well-known either, as Netflix doesn’t outright advertise these codes like they do the platform’s other features.

Using these codes is easy, however. All you need to do is pull a list of the codes, log in to Netflix, and enter this URL (, then add the code at the end. The code will then take you to shows and movies you would have never seen on the front page!

3. The Profile System

The one thing you don’t want clogging up your front page is recommendations of shows and movies you don’t watch. But if your Netflix account is shared amongst multiple people, that’s bound to happen. Enter: Netflix’s profile system.

Netflix allows multiple users to have their own “profiles.” So what do these profiles do? When someone logs in to their profile and binges their favorite show, that show—along with Netflix’s future recommendations—will be contained within their profile; your recommendations will be unaffected.

There are also Kid profiles for parents who don’t want their children to come across mature content. Think of Kid profiles as Netflix: parental controls edition.

4. Its Countless Keyboard Shortcuts

If you watch Netflix on your laptop, you know how annoying it is to sit up and navigate with your touchpad. Fortunately, Netflix supports keyboard shortcuts—a whole lot of them, it turns out.

It’s worth the time to look at all of the keyboard shortcuts supported by Netflix and memorize them. Sure, they’re not as vital as the codes or the profile system, but they make surfing Netflix more convenient when on your PC.


It’s clear why Netflix continues to break records: it’s a fantastic streaming service that continues to improve. But it could do better advertising all of its features to subscribers. This article rounds up those discounted features and encourages you to take advantage of them.