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Facebook launches new safety and privacy features for Messenger


Facebook’s Messenger has launched new safety features which will help the millions of users worldwide avoid harmful interactions and potential scams while still maintaining their privacy.

Now there are new tools to secure your Messenger account and receive warnings for suspicious activity.

These safety notices will automatically pop up in a Messenger chat if it senses something is not right as well as providing options to block or ignore someone.

These features were introduced in Android in March and will be rolled out to iOS users this week.

Keeping minors safe on the Messenger platform is also a key responsibility with protection in place to limit contact from adults they are not connected to.

Messenger looks at behavioural signals, for example, an adult sending a large number of friend or message request to people under 18.

Users aged under 18 are offered advice on being cautious when interacting with an adult they may not know with the option of taking action before responding to a message.

“These features show a great integration of the technical tools that will help curb bad behaviour on the platform, while also reminding people of their own control over their account,” said Stephen Balkam, CEO of the Family Online Safety Institute.

“It’s important to use language that empowers people to make wise decisions and think more critically about who they’re interacting with online.

“We’re especially glad to see this reflected in the thoughtful approach around safety considerations for younger users.”

Messenger can also a platform used by spammers and imposters and new safety notices will educate users on how to spot the scams and help them sidestep a costly and fraudulent interactions.

Security goes hand in hand with privacy and Messenger works with full end-to-end encryption to offer users the peace of mind that no one will ever be able to listen or monitor their conversations.