Modern technology gives us many things.

Double Down on Your Revenue with Google AdWords Management Services


Digital marketing holds many opportunities for modern companies to sell their products and services. There are so many opportunities to get your brand and products in front of potential buyers simply at the touch of a button.

This is all about opportunity. But if you are not capitalizing on these vast opportunities then the chances are that your competitors are. If you are trying to juggle AdWords campaigns and other marketing with running your day-to-day business tasks, the job is almost impossible.

Finding the time

Business owners struggle to find time for marketing. Alongside sales, finance, customer support, HR and other key functions, marketing can often be the fall guy. This is a risky strategy because it leaves the door open for your competitors to run effective Google Ads campaigns that directly target your business.

One way is to try to bring yourself up to speed and run some campaigns yourself. But while this is possible, it is difficult for two reasons. Firstly, AdWords campaigns take some skill. Anyone can create them but getting them right is another matter entirely. Second, ask yourself whether you really have the time to setup, modify and analyze the results without some help.

An easy solution to turning this from a risk to an opportunity is to recruit an expert AdWords management agency. They can configure your campaigns to allow you to spend the time focused elsewhere. They will also bring the skills and expertise you need to make your campaigns flourish.

Embracing the power of Google

If you are looking to win new customers and generate more sales, Google AdWords is an absolute necessity. As more people turn to searches and voice assistants to find what they need, your offerings need to be at the forefront of their results.

There are a variety of digital marketing channels to choose from. These include email marketing, social media posts and ads, plus SEO optimization. While these are all good tactics for raising awareness of your company, nothing delivers brand new leads as effectively as Google Ads.

With a digital marketing activity as important as this, the question is whether you can justify not hiring a specialist AdWords service agency to help you maximize it. Going ahead and making this commitment gives you the best chance of achieving sales targets and revenue growth.

Choosing AdWords consultants

When you have made the decision to go ahead and optimize your Google AdWords, the next step is to recruit the best partner to help you. Spending some time researching and interviewing a few candidates will help you make the best decision for your business.

You need to set out a few important criteria before you begin your search. You need to consider and an agency that can:

  • Understand your business and its products or services in detail
  • Can help you with every element of your campaigns from keyword searches to calls to action
  • Review and analyze results on a regular basis

Look for an agency that is interested in sharing in your success. Some agencies will want to work to a fixed fee model. Others will consider a performance-related relationship.

Also be clear on each party’s responsibilities. Make sure you understand what the agency will need from you for their onboarding process, and on a regular basis to support the campaigns. Conversely, make sure you are clear what the agency’s deliverables are, and what reporting they will provide. Check if your package includes a monthly review of KPIs and campaign activity.

What to expect from your agency

Find out too who your day-to-day contact will be. Some agencies have the habit of working in new customers and then passing their account to a very junior member of the team. Be clear what you are paying for and who you can expect to be working on your account.

When you negotiate your agreement with your AdWords management agency, document how much time they will spend on your account each week. The best AdWords campaigns are the ones that are reviewed often and tweaked as needed. Setting up campaigns and then leaving them running can work, but the best results come with continuous fine-tuning. Make sure your chosen agency is on board with this approach, and that your campaigns will get the TLC they need to optimize your valuable budget.

Looking at what your competitors are doing should also be high on the agency’s checklist. By doing so they can insert negative keywords as required.