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Sony likely to unveil PlayStation 4 on February 20

ps4thumbSony has identified February 20 as the date for a major announcement with rumours suggesting the day will be the unveiling of the new PlayStation 4.

Sony says we will “see the future” at the special event which will be held in New York.

Also released with news of the announcement by Sony was a 45 second teaser video which leaves little doubt the company’s next generation gaming console is on its way.

We are certainly due for an update for the PlayStation platform after the PS3 was introduced way back in 2006.

And while the console has gone through a few design updates and been reduced in size, a new more powerful device would certainly interest hard core gamers and give developers even more scope for their games.

There are many rumours around what the PlayStation 4 will look like with one consistent whisper that the new device will retain its optical drive which can play all of the older games and future PS4 games but also play Blu-ray Disc movies.

The latest version of the PlayStation 3 released in September 2012

With Sony’s interest in 4K – the ultra high definition new TV standard which has four times the resolution of full HD – the PS4 may also have 4K abilities including upscaling technology and a link to 4K content.

All will be revealed on February 20.

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