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Microsoft slashes prices on Xbox 360 console


xbox360price4Microsoft has slashed its prices on the popular Xbox 360 console a month ahead of the release of the highly-anticipated Xbox exclusive blockbuster Halo 4.

Up to $150 has been cut from the pricing of standalone consoles, Kinect sensors and limited edition bundles.

Kimberley Francis, Head of Interactive Entertainment, Microsoft Australia said: “This is the time to buy an Xbox 360. The Xbox has never been more affordable and it continues to evolve to offer even more value for Australians”.

The new pricing is:

Kinect Sensor $149 – down from $199 ($50 saving)

4GB Xbox 360 $199 – down from $249 ($50 saving)

4GB Xbox 360 with Kinect $299 – down from $399 ($100 saving)

250GB Xbox 360 $299 – down from $449 ($150 saving)

Limited edition consoles $399 – down from $449 ($50 saving)

The Xbox 360 console pricing has been reduced

Microsoft also announced the pricing for Halo 4 – the latest instalment in the epic series – which will be released on November 6.

The Halo 4 standard edition game will be $89.95 and the Halo 4 Limited Edition $129.95.

The timing of the Xbox 360 prices drops comes before the release of some exciting new titles. These include Forza Horizons, Dance Central 3, Nike + Kinect Training and Fable The Journey.

The Xbox 360's Kinect Sensor has also been reduced

Later this year Microsoft will also introduce SmartGlass – an app that can turn compatible mobile devices into an additional screen for the console.

Internet Explorer will also be included on the Xbox 360 console to allow users to easily browse the web on their television.

The highly-anticipated Halo 4 will be release on November 6

The new pricing for the Xbox 360 products comes into effect on October 4.

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