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International CES will showcase the latest technology in Vegas


ces20133The annual International Consumer Electronics Show will kick off again on January 8 in Las Vegas and Tech Guide will be there to report all of the latest news and product announcements.

CES is the world’s largest annual innovation event which is attended by the world’s largest consumer electronics brands who use the event to showcase their latest product releases.

The 2013 International CES will feature a record amount of exhibit space – 1.87 million square feet which is more than 173 square kilometres.

CES was first held in New York in 1967 and has often been the event where some of the world’s biggest consumer electronics products have been introduced.

The International CES show floor in Las Vegas in January 2012

Over the years these have included the VCR (1970), LaserDisc (1974), Atari’s Pong game (1975), Camcorder (1981), Compact Disc (1981), Commodore 64 computer (1982), Nintendo Entertainment System (1985), DVD (1996), High Definition TV (1998), DVR (Digital Video Recorder) (1999), Xbox (2001), HD DVD (2004), Blu-ray Disc (2004), 3D TV (2009), Smart TV (2011).

What will the 2013 International CES reveal?

Hot topics will include Cloud and wireless connectivity, innovations in screen technology and the TV formats of the future.

Stay tuned to Tech Guide for all of the latest news from CES after we arrive in Las Vegas on January 5.

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