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Do your bit for World AIDS Day by buying PRODUCT (RED) gadgets


productred1Today is World AIDS Days and you can do your part by buying a PRODUCT (RED) item with part of the proceeds go towards the global fund to fight AIDS in Africa.

More than $US190m has been raised since it was introduced in 2006 by U2 frontman Bono.

The initiative involves large companies like Apple, Nike, Coca Cola, Converse, Starbucks, Dell and Dr Dre who created a special range of red products.

Of the $US190m which has been generated, Apple alone is responsible for more than $50m through its sales of PRODUCT (RED) iPods, iPad cases, smart covers and iPhone bumpers.

The Apple PRODUCT (RED) range alone is responsible for more than $US50m of the $US190m raised since the initiative began in 2006

The iPod Shuffle, the latest iPod Nano and latest iPod Touch are included in the current PRODUCT (RED) range.

Other tech products which carry the PRODUCT (RED) logo include Dr Dre headphones and Mophie recharging iPhone cases.

The Dr Dre Solo HD PRODUCT (RED) version

The Mophie iPhone 4/4S PRODUCT (RED) recharge case

There are also a range of t-shirts, bags and watches and all of these products can be seen by visiting the official JoinRed site here.

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