Modern technology gives us many things.

10 Gifts Tech Lovers Will Appreciate


Technologies are improving every day, resulting in new gadgets, products, and other tech items being released each and every day.

However, being a tech lover is not cheap, as everything costs.  Having everything new and cool is simply impossible. Surely, you have friends who are the first in line for a new phone once it is released.

Here we made a list of 10 gifts that tech lovers will appreciate. Not only because they are cool, but because they would likely be buying them anyway.

Bartesian Premium Cocktails on Demand

Everybody is already used to the idea of coffer from a capsule, but let’s talk about cocktails. This machine will become a real star at a house party! Once the system is filled with your favorite drinks, pop in a cocktail capsule and enjoy the bar experience at your home in just a few seconds.

Burga Tough Phone Case

Having the latest phone in hand is not only fun and games. The new smartphones cost quite a bit, and with the evolving technology, the screens seem to become bigger and bigger, it is good for watching Netflix shows. Still, they can shatter pretty easily once dropped, so having a stylish and protective phone case is key in this scenario. Burga offers fashion-driven tough cases with two-layer protection guaranteed to keep your device safe from those slippery hands moments.

Bose Sleepbuds II

Getting a good night’s sleep is pretty tricky when neighbors decide to throw a party o your partner chooses to create his own concert with snoring. The comfortable Sleepbuds come with a noise-masking technology and work with Bose Sleep app that delivers those relaxing sounds designed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Oblio Wireless Charging Station with UV Sanitizer

We always take time to charge our phones, and as we still live in a global pandemic, keeping it clean is also essential, so with Oblio wireless charging station, you will be able to do both simultaneously. The UV light eliminates 99,9% of those pesky germs in just 20 minutes. The light is also effective against viruses, which is just perfect right now.

Meural Canvas II

If you love art and tech, this is that perfect combination. Showcase art, your photos, and all you want on your walls with ease by using the Meural app. With an easy synchronization, you can turn every picture into a framed masterpiece. Modern meets classical frames will easily find their place in every house.

The Chefman TurboFry Air Fryer

Fries, but healthier, fried chicken but without that danger of oil getting caught on fire.  No worries about being burned by all that splashing. No fuss, no stress, but just an easy-made, tasty food. The sleek, matte black design will look aesthetically pleasing, and the frier will come in handy in every kitchen.

SolarPuff Lantern

Sometimes electricity fails even those big tech lovers, and having a lantern that can be charged via solar power is really helpful. Charge it during the day and enjoy up to 12 hours of continuous light. No more batteries are needed! Cute, elegant, and functional, this lantern will become a real star while camping or during power outages.

Gillette Heated Razor Starter Kit

Not everyone has time for that trip to a barber. Gillette brings the experience of the barbershop to the home. At-Home Hot-Towel Shave will help your friend to relax or prepare for that hard day of work. 5 blades will ensure a clean shave, while adjustable heating will allow the user to find the best option. Also, once charged, it will last for full 6 shaves. It is just that simple.

Kindle Paperwhite

They love tech, and they love books. Gift them both with Kindle. All the books they can want will always be at their side and ready to be read. No more marking the book with paper stickers. Add all those observations and ideas while reading. Also, the battery lasts weeks and not days!

Simplehuman Rectangular Sensor Can

For that futuristic touch, a voice and the motion-activated trashcan can really be the perfect gift. No more reaching into a messy trashcan and touching those spilled condiments. Just say: Open can, and you are done. Those Ali Baba vibes, but make it technical!