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Ford brings Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto to its vehicles with SYNC update


Ford has expanded its tech footprint in its new vehicles with an expanded SYNC system to bring drivers Apple’s CarPlay, Android Auto as well as 4G LTE for true mobile connectivity.

The goal for Ford with SYNC was to bring smartphone technology safely and easily to the vehicle and it is already in use in more than 15 million cars today with that number estimated to jump to 43 million by 2020.

From this year, owners of a Ford vehicle equipped with SYNC 3 will have more choice in how they connect their smartphones.

iPhone users can activate CarPlay and access to Maps, Messages, Phone and Music either through Siri or via the vehicle’s touchscreen.

Android Auto will be on board the latest Ford vehicles
Android Auto will be on board the latest Ford vehicles

Android users can access Android Auto which is built specifically for their smartphone for easier and safer access via Google voice search, Google Maps, Google Play Music and more through the vehicle’s steering wheel controls and touchscreen.

Also included will be SYNC Connect technology that is powered by 4G LTE to give owners the ability to remotely access features of the car.

Owners will also be able to do things like program a remote start, unlock doors, check fuel level and even locate their parked vehicle all via their smartphone.

Ford has also added new apps that work with SYNC’s AppLink including:

* Concur: When starting a Ford vehicle, Concur users receive a prompt asking if they want to log a business trip. The app then starts clocking mileage from the odometer for each trip.  At the end of the day, the journal is complete, and the driver is prompted to reconcile the day’s trips

* Eventseeker: Users can discover events from behind the wheel that fit their interest profile based on vehicle location data, finding out more about artists playing nearby, wherever they travel in their Ford vehicle.

* Cityseeker: Vehicle GPS data brings the best restaurants, nightlife and other attractions in more than 500 cities worldwide directly to the driver.

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