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eTurbo wearable designed for kids encourages them to stay active


The fitness wearable market is already massive and a pair of Australian entrepreneurs have designed a product just for children that will provide an incentive to keep them moving.

The Elanation eTurbo has been created for 5-12 year-olds and doesn’t have GPS and calorie-counting functionality but it does keep track of steps and heart rate.

But where the eTurbo differs from other wearables is the fact it is linked to a safe and protected online community.

“ETURBO was born from the need for children to have an age-appropriate and cyber-safe wearable – parents and children alike have been turning to adult fitness solutions which clearly state the terms of service is for 13 years and older simply because there haven’t been any other options until now,” said Elanation’s Katherine Pace and Aimee Atkins.

The eTurbo gamifies the fitness aspect of the wearable so that the more steps they get, the more features and bonus material is unlocked.

For every 1000 steps in the real world, kids can play games in the digital community and access videos and sporting tips and tricks from inspiring sporting greats who encourage healthy and active living.


The eTurbo content includes:

Create Your Avatar – changeable avatars, costumes, armour and super powers to collect

Build Your World – build upon your world, create and explore your surroundings with blocks

Protect Your Planet – fight off villains and accept ‘physical-digital’ missions

Unlock Real World Content – cool video content, news and sports tips from industry leaders

Connect With Your Friends – add friends, send emojis, pre-text chat

Leaderboards – check out your latest scores via our leaderboards, compete and shares

“As part of our product development we integrated input from Australian children and parents and understood they wanted their wearable to be so much more than a device that monitors their movements,” the Elanation team said.

“They wanted to merge their two worlds so we thought what better way to encourage kids to get active in the real world than to offer them rewards in their digital world.

“We have made eTurbo a product that is so much more than a wearable, we have given children the passageway to their very own world that parents can trust is a safe and protected environment.”

The eTurbo is swim and shower proof (but not designed to be used in salt water) is easy to set up with the free companion Elanation app which is available for iPhones on the App Store.

eTurbo is priced at $129 and is available now from