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eBay and Myer open the doors to the world’s first virtual reality department store


eBay Australia has taken your shopping experience to an all-new level and partnered with Myer to create the world’s first virtual reality department store which you can explore from the comfort of your own home.

To explore the virtual store, an Australian-made world first, you need the new eBay VR app and a VR viewing device

You can use the Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard or just get your hands on eBay’s very own Shopticles – that’s short or shopping spectacles, in case you were wondering.

When you fire up the eBay VR app on your smartphone and place the device inside your VR viewing device, you’ll watch an introduction before entering the store lobby.

There will be more than 20,000 items offers in the eBay/Myer virtual store.

The supported devices include iPhone 5S and up and Samsung S5 and equivalent Android devices.

To navigate all you will need to use are your eyes.


By looking at a category or an item and holding the gaze for a few seconds is like double clicking it with a mouse.

Users can choose three categories to explore to begin with and then dive deeper into each one until you come to individual products.

When looking at a product on its own, users can spin the item around 360 degrees simply my moving your gaze across it.


On this page is all of the relevant information like a product description, pricing, shipping costs and other variations are laid out before you before you decide whether to add it to your cart.

The experience is customised for different users so no two shopping experiences will be alike.

Users must have an active eBay account to shop in the virtual store.
eBay Australia has been working on this project for more than a year and it represents a solid first step towards a completely unique shopping experience.


Down the track eBay Australia will introduce social shopping where it’s possible to share the experience of shopping in an overseas store with a friend which might also be in another country.

Customers can obtain a free pair of eBay’s shopticals, which are being given away 1000 at a time each day from now until June 2.

You can own your very own pair by filling in the form here so you can begin exploring the virtual store.