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Australian astronaut to live like The Martian to celebrate DVD and Blu-ray release


To celebrate the release of the hit film The Martian, a replica of the HAB occupied by Matt Damon’ character Mark Watney as he fights for survival on Mars will be located at Circular Quay in Sydney from Monday.

And inside the HAB for five days will be Australia’s Mars One candidate, ex-army soldier and comedian Josh Richards.

Richard will be completing challenges all week while Australia watches live at Circular Quay or through a live web stream at

The Martian tells the story of Mark Watney (Damon) who is stranded on Mars and must use all of his scientific ingenuity to survive.

The HAB from The Martian will be recreated in Sydney's Circular Quay
The HAB from The Martian will be recreated in Sydney’s Circular Quay

Directed by Ridley Scott, the film won two Golden Globes including one for Matt Damon as Best Actor and Best Motion Picture (comedy) and has been nominated for seven Academy Awards.

The Martian is available now on digital HD and will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on Wednesday February 10.


Each day, Richard will attempt three survival challenges set by a team of experts.

There will also be a series of activities for anyone who wants to visit the HAB at Circular Quay to take part in. These include:

VR demo, Tuesday 9 February, All-day

In an Australian first, visitors can come and experience The Martian Virtual Reality, which allows users to virtually fly onto the surface of Mars in a 360-degree virtual reality environment

Breakfast With The Martian, Wednesday 10 February, 7am-10am

Join the Casanovas for a free breakfast before work and check-in on the Martian. Marking the official day of the Blu-ray and DVD release, there’ll be movie giveaways and a free photobooth taking you to the surface of Mars

The Martian Rock Off, Wednesday 10 February, 12pm-2pm

Josh has has had no entertainment for two and a half days and throughout the morning, the public will be invited to submit a playlist for Josh to listen to.  The winning playlist will be played during a lunchtime session, alongside a specially curated playlist from Josh featuring his top tunes he’ll be taking to Mars with him in 10 years.


VR demo, Thursday 11 February, 12pm-10pm

For those who missed out on Wednesday, there’ll be a second opportunity to come down and check out The Martian Virtual Reality Experience. And there will also be more giveaways of the movie on Blu-ray and DVD.

Martian Movie Party, Thursday 11 February, 7pm-10pm

Visitors can sit back and enjoy the movie in HD with friends.  There’ll be $6 Watney’s Twisted Potatoes on a stick and you can also enjoy hands-on with The Martian VR experience and take part in a live Twitter chat with Josh.

Josh Richards will enter the HAB at Sydney’s Circular Quay located at the Overseas Passenger Terminal from 9am on Monday February 8 until Friday February 12.

You can follow what’s happening ag Sydney’s version of The Martian HAB at