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Which brand of headphones topped the customer satisfaction survey


Headphones and earphones are one of the most popular tech products with customers and Canstar Blue has just released a customer satisfaction survey that reveals Australia’s favourite brand.

The survey was split into two categories – one for headphones and one for earphones – and conducted among 1,255 adults who purchased new headphones or earphones in the last two years.

The respondents were asked to rate the products in a number of categories – value for money, comfort, sound quality, design, weight, audio enhancements and overall satisfaction.

After the results were tallied, Bose emerged as the clear winner in both the earphones and headphones categories ahead of other companies like Philips, Sony, Panasonic, Sennheiser and Beats by Dr Dre.


The types of headphones included were lightweight, full size and noise cancelling headphones.

The Bose QC25 noise cancelling headphones
The Bose QC25 noise cancelling headphones

Bose topped the headphones lists when it came to judging sound quality, comfort, weight and design but fell to second in the value for money section.

Philips topped the headphones value for money category and was equal second in sound quality, comfort design and weight and was also equal second overall with Beats by Dr Dre, Sennheiser and Sony.

The Canstar headphones results

In the earphones survey, the products included earbuds, in-ear canal earphones and canal buds.

Bose once again topped the class with full marks in sound quality, design and audio enhancement.

Again Philips was the highest scoring in the value for money category will Sennheiser scored top marks in comfort, design and weight.

The Philips Action Fit earphones
The Philips Action Fit earphones

Customers who purchased new headphones spent an average of $134 while the average amount spent on earphones was $49.

Of those who purchased headphones, 66 per cent said they were most likely to spend more on the new set while 53 per cent of earphones buyers were also splashing out more on the latest pair.

The Canstar earphones results

Brand was important to 66 per cent of headphones buyers and 57 per cent of earphones customers and also a big part of their purchase decision.

In the headphone survey the drivers of satisfaction were as follows:

* Value for money: 22%

* Design: 20%

* Sound quality: 18%

* Audio enhancements (e.g. passive noise cancelation): 16%

* Comfort: 13%

* Weight: 11%

In the earphones category, customers listed these as drivers of satisfaction:

* Value for money: 25%

* Comfort: 19%

* Design: 19%

* Sound quality: 16%

* Audio enhancements (e.g. passive noise cancelation): 15%

* Weight: 6%