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The new devices that can make your kitchen smarter than ever before


The promise of a smart kitchen has been a long time coming but it might finally be here thanks to some innovative products from a company called Smarter that can be used in the fridge, in the pantry and even in the oven.

The product range, which was revealed on the eve of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, includes Mats, Fridge Cam and Detect that are designed to be your eyes and ears in the kitchen – even when you’re not at home.

All of these products have wi-fi on board and can link back to an app on your smartphone to stay connected with your kitchen like never before from anywhere.

Smarter products include Mats, Fridge Cam and Detect
Smarter products include Mats, Fridge Cam and Detect

Mats, available in two or four versions, can be used in your pantry or fridge and can give you a real time reading on what’s in your kitchen.

Mats, which looks like a coaster, can be allocated to different products and has a sensor onboard to detect the weight of the object that’s resting on it.


For example, if you’re at the supermarket and wondering if you need to buy Vegemite – a quick check on the Mats device that’s below the Vegemite jar can tell you, by examining its weight, if it’s full or running low.

There will also be Mats in the shape of an egg holder so you can tell if you need to pick up another dozen.


Fridge Cam can be positioned inside your fridge door to take a picture of its contents every time the door is opened.

Now you can take a peek inside your fridge when you’re at the shops so you can see what you already have and only buy what you need to help you save money and waste less.

Smarter’s Mats which can detect the weight of an item and let you know if you’re running low

Detect can be used with your oven or microwave and listen out for timer sounds to tell you your meal has finished cooking.

These products have the potential to turn your existing kitchen appliances into smart products.

Smarter's Fridge Cam
Smarter’s Fridge Cam which take s snapshot of the inside of your fridge every time the door is opened

Major manufacturers have been working hard to provide these kitchen smarts to customers but only when they sell them a new fridge or oven.

The Smarter kitchen products will be available in August.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas as a guest of LG