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Spotify launches Premium Duo designed for couples at the same address


Popular music service Spotify has launched a new subscription option that’s designed for couples living at the same address – it’s called Premium Duo and offers two separate Premium accounts in the one plan.

Priced at $15.99 per month, Premium Duo allows a couple to set up their own accounts and playlists independently of the other account.

And despite both accounts being separate they will be incorporated in a single bill.

With Spotify Premium Duo, both accounts can download music to listen anywhere without any ad interruptions.

This also means listeners have unlimited song skips as well.

Current Spotify Premium customers can upgrade to Premium Duo and still keep all their music, their playlists and their recommendations.

Customers can also access a Duo Mix that is updated based on your current music tastes.

There are no lock-in contracts so users can cancel Premium Duo at any time.

To sign up for Premium Duo you need to:

– sign up or log-in to your existing Spotift account.

– Invite a person you live with to join Duo by email, WhatsApp or SMS.

– To accept the invitation the person must confirm their address.

The person who purchases Duo will receive the single bill each month.