Modern technology gives us many things.

GetReminded app helps you stay on top of your bills and find a better deal


We’ve all seen those comparison sites that help us find the best deal for broadband, insurance, electricity and much more. A new app called GetReminded has taken that concept in a new direction.

GetReminded is a free app for iPhone and Android and allows users to enter the renewal dates for all of their household expenses like insurance, broadband, mobile phone bill, pay TV, streaming services, mortgage, electricity, gas and more.

Not only does the app give you a heads up when your bills are due but also helps you get a better deal if there’s one out there.

The app has seen a surge during the COVID-19 pandemic and has since expanded from Australia to  New Zealand, the UK, Ireland and Norway.

If you’re paying a certain amount with a provider, they aren’t going to let you know they now have a cheaper deal.

Just like your bank won’t tell you there’s now a lower interest rate for your mortgage.

GetReminded will remind you when contracts and policies are about to expire so you have time to shop around.

Often customers realise their insurance expires in a day and they have to rush and renew it without necessarily getting the best deal.

And you should know up front, GetReminded will also include in these reminders relevant advertised offers for you to consider as well.

While the app is free to customers, GetReminded generates revenue through advertising and also taking a commission when they onboard new customers to various services and products.

The idea behind the app is to save you money.

One of the very first GetReminded users, Rachel James, a nurse and mum of three from North Sydney saved more than $2,000 in the first year.

The first thing she changed was her mobile plan which went from $100 a month to $70 a month with even more data.

She also saved on her monthly Foxtel bill which went from $147 a month to $99 with no change to her channel package and she also negotiated a 15 per cent discount on her electricity and gas bills because she called at the right time just before her contract was up for renewal.

GetReminded can also be utilised for passports and travel visas, frequent flyer points expiry, pet insurance, buy now pay later loans, app and software subscriptions, personal health check-ups and zero per cent credit card balance transfers.

GetReminded says it stores your personal information in a secure database that is never shared with a third party.

The app also comes with a “No Spam Guarantee” which means they will only contact you via email and through in-app notifications only when necessary and to bring you your reminders.

GetReminded is available now for the App Store for iPhone users and the Google Play Store for Android users.