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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 7.1 kW Bronte Split System Pulls No Punches

Bronte Air Conditioner Highlights:

  • Industry leading air flow reaches up to 18 metres
  • 15 minute power boost to quickly heat or cool a room
  • Fuzzy logic algorithms anticipate best operating modes
  • 2021 Product Review award winner and recommended by CHOICE

Having earned a string of awards and recommendations from Australia’s leading consumer groups, there’s little reason to look beyond the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte air conditioner for all of your climate control needs.

The 7.1kW Bronte split system, in particular, is an air conditioner that can heat and cool large areas thanks to the extended reach of its advanced fan blades.

With air flow capable of reaching up to 18 metres, open plan living arrangements can benefit from the powerful, yet whisper quiet air conditioning without sacrificing energy efficiency.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries uses this same blade technology when building engines for civil aerospace and defence forces.

Bronte air conditioners are also equipped with a high powered function that provides 15 minutes of boosted power upon startup, allowing you to quickly heat or cool the home before the system returns to its normal operation.

When connected to WiFi using the optional adapter, Bronte can be activated remotely via smartphone. This way, it’s possible to have the home warm and toasty or cool and comfortable for when you arrive home from work.

Bronte also incorporates clean air technology that captures and neutralises everything from fine smoke particles and allergens to odours, bacteria and viruses. The multi-stage cleansing operation can be incredibly beneficial for those with respiratory conditions like asthma.

“We want to provide innovative solutions that make work and life that much more comfortable,” says Graham Hamilton, Senior Advisor at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

“The new range produces cleaner air quality while being energy efficient, helping to lower energy bills for families during winter.”

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries implemented fuzzy logic algorithms to help reduce running costs. The 7.1kW Bronte can replicate human reasoning to determine the best operating mode and settings to reduce power consumption while maintaining a comfortable room temperature. Of course, this can be deactivated to give the user manual control of the system.

With all of these advanced features, it’s no surprise that consumer group CHOICE recommends six models from the Bronte range, including the 7.1 kW Bronte split system, which also earned a 2021 Product Review award in the split system air conditioner category.

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 7.1 kW Bronte split system presents as a sleek, white wall-mounted unit that would meet the aesthetics of a modern home.

The Bronte range is suitable right across Australia as the outdoors compressor is rated against temperatures as low as -15°C, and the air conditioner can still cool effectively at temperatures as high as 46°C. An automatic defrosting feature activates automatically during cold weather to stop the compressor from icing over.

A range of preset settings and timer functions make this air conditioner a well rounded and convenient system suitable for an abundance of lifestyles.

“The heart of our design philosophy is the consumer,” adds Graham Hamilton. “The Bronte range ticks all the boxes for anyone looking for air conditioning.”

The 7.1kW Bronte split system air conditioner from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is now available and is backed by a five year warranty.

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